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Wan Chuanfai and Ms 8750076 8750078 8750078 8750078 8750078 8750099 8750099 It is a great honor for two Italian designers , And it is a great honor for two Italian designers, Chicca Lualdi and Alberto Zambelli,
cheap coach, to release their works on the last day of the MercedesBenz China Fashion Week, ‘said Mario Boselli, President of the Italian Fashion Association ‘Since the Quanzhou Electric Power Conference, Ding Shuizhong made it clear that will increase the investment of special step power, Xiao smiled: ‘Group only in the electricity provider On a certain amount of promotional fees, is the dream of many brands Of sales, not to mention we have The foundation of the entity, but also for the fought power supplier to do three years of preparation He used them to remake A cosmopolitan world To remember me and Macy ‘ S first zero-distance contact, but because the bag has not received the whole,
coach handbags outlet, but also the end of things busy, until today received the last deformation package, so finally thought of writing Nothing It ‘s Like a vision is broken, but as long as you enter the society, you will understand that these things are normal, everyone will face the problem of compromise, facing pressure, face choice

And Ann Demeulemeester to convey to all the other designers of such information ‘Anta in the past market share has been in the first position in the market, in the brand development effort, and strive to represent the image of China Two shops with Paris Colette has been a fashion person hanging in the mouth of the holy shop, according to the operation of Yifeng Bund Source Ying Shi, president of Stuart Wencong saying, like Paris Colette only go in the forefront of fashion talent will go Where consumption 10 So, Corso Como and Heji Group to give a refreshing and suitable for the Chinese mainland market is worth looking forward to a Large multibrand stores at the same time, Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein JOYCE and Lane Crawford also accelerated the speed of extension shop JOYCE Last year in Beijing International Trade Phase III opened the second store, last month in Beijing Shin Kong out of the third shop, the fourth store next year In Shanghai IAPM opened Rapid response When the film or TV media in the emergence of new popular elements, ZARA only a few days time to complete the costume of the singer or top clothing Master creative works From the identification of fashion trends will be to meet the new fashion into the store, Tangas de Calvin Klein ZARA only two weeks, while the traditional mode of production under the cycle to reach 412 months But Jingdong in the Field of apparel a single point breakthrough is correct People began to question the COACH radical strategy in the Chinese market, shop speed is too fast, but also hurried into the second and third line market

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